Celtic Bank, a subsidiary of Continental Finance, is the issuing bank for Surge Mastercards. You may learn more about SurgeCardInfo’s credit cards for those with bad credit by visiting the company’s dedicated website.


Over 2.6 million credit cards are managed by Continental Finance, according to their own data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Continental Finance’s credit card is referred to as?

  • One of Continental Finance’s few credit cards is the Cerulean Mastercard, which is issued by Bank of Missouri.

How can I find out if my credit card has been overcharged?

  • To check on the status of your Surge credit card order, please contact customer care at 866-449-4514.

My Surge Credit Card application’s status can be found here.

  • Call Continental Finance’s customer service line at 866-449-4514 to see if your application has been processed. Your address and social security number may be requested by a customer service representative in order to verify your identification and check on the status of your application.

Which steps must I take in order to get rid of my Surge Credit Card?

  • To cancel your Surge Credit Card, contact Continental Finance at 866-449-4514. The customer support representative may ask you for your account number and the last four digits of your social security number in order to process your cancellation.

Surge Mastercard: How do I apply?

  • Applying for a Surge Mastercard has never been simpler. Apply for a Surge credit card online, call 1-866-513-4598, or return the pre-selected acceptance certificate you received in the mail.

How can I access my new Surge credit card account?

Definitely. Use your Surge card and more with Online Banking.

  • You can use your Surge credit card to make a purchase.
  • Please sign up for an online statement service for your Surge card
  • Transactions in the recent past
  • Statements made previously
  • Your payment history can be viewed.
  • You may check your Surge credit balance and other vital details here.